Canelobre Caves : excursion inside Alicante

    Cuevas de Canelobre

    Excursions in Alicante

    Busot offers visitors the Canelobre Caves,, located 24 km from Alicante to 700 m. altitude and at the foot of Cabeçó D’Or. Interior aspect of the cave, one of the highest vaults of Spain, is very similar to a cathedral. Throughout the visit you can admire the varied and whimsical forms that the rocks havetaken: candelabra, animals and many spectacular ways. Sometimes its excellent acoustic and environmental conditions are used for shows in which music is privileged protagonist.

    The Canelobre Caves themselves are a tourist attraction of great interest. In them you can see the whimsical shapes that water and patient history have been giving to the rocks. The great height and special conditions of the cave give exceptional acoustics, similar to Gothic cathedrals, suitable even for holding musical shows.
    In addition to the caves, the town also offers a rich gastronomic offer, where guests can enjoy variety of dishes from the region. As a suitable complement the adventurous nature lovers will enjoy a hiking trail of low difficulty and free access, which leads to the top of Cabeçó d’Or, at 1205 meters altitude.
    Certainly, a perfect outing for these Easter holidays!

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