Five hiking trails not to miss in Alicante

Rutas de Senderismo

5 Hiking trails in Alicante


To the north of it, in the Marina Alta region, this route is one of the best ways of combining sea and mountain views. Quite a metaphor for what is Alicante beyond the topics; countless paths, with the Mediterranean as a backdrop, get lost in the rise to the top across roads, wooded areas and hidden paths to finish reaching the top of the Rock and enjoy the sights. Along the way to the summit, you will be able to enjoy along the beautiful route stops such as Cova Tallada, the Cabo de San Antonio, Tower of Gerro or the Cueva del Agua, midway and a peculiar reservoir at the bottom . A demanding climb for legs and lungs for those with some prior preparation.

Xorret de Catí

Acting as a natural border between Castalla and Petrer, the site of Xorret de Cati Alicante is a must for lovers of nature and the outdoors. Located in the central part of the province, this place -located at over 1,000 meters above sea level, is home to many different paths to get lost in, either hiking or cycling through pine forests and rattles … For those who enjoy both the scenery and want to extend the tour, the park has a hotel, cottage, lodges, cabins and even, for the more adventurous, camping area. The different paths that traverse the landscape has become the final stage of the Tour of Spain cycling tournament on five occasions, and is a good example of the inner life of the province of Alicante.

Sierra de Benicadell

The Sierra de Benicadell, located inside the Natural Park of Mariola, is a leading natural boundary separating the provinces of Alicante and Valencia. About 25 kilometers southwest to northeast , with various routes which cater for all levels of walkers and have, thanks to its altitude and panoramic views, truly spectacular scenic postcards. An absolute rural treasures to enjoy the deep Alicante and fill your lungs with clean air before arriving, and with clean air enough to breath right to one of its summits.

Salt de Xixona

While the province is particularly known for its beautiful beaches, strategically placed along a very extensive coastline, some hidden enclaves inside the province host wonderful gifts such as the pools of Xixona, with turquoise waters that would cause envy to Ambolo, Racó of Conill or Portixol.

Xixona An accessible path to the beardless in the art of hiking, you will find the main pool and some other smaller ones adjacent. An amazing way to discover bathing areas.

Banyets de la Reina

A walking route to enjoy especially in summer. It is a good idea to cross it with a backpack where you have goggles, snorkel and small fins, all the instruments you need to discover the ins and outs of Banyets de la Reina and the spectacular aquatic fauna elements inhabiting them.

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