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Fontana shopping center


The Fontana shopping center has varied commercial offer, with over 75 stores. There,  you can find a children’s entertainment center, a night club for seniors and establishments with commercial, cultural and gastronomic interest. To find the best deals in fish, meat, etc or to have dinner with friends and shop for fashion or perfume, Fontana shopping

Torregolf Shopping Center

This shopping center offers its services since 2005. Restaurant business, hairdressing, fashion, dental clinic, travel agencies or car wash are just some of the services you can find in this complex. Address: Avenida Ansaldo, 6, Playa San Juan, Alicante. Telephone: 965 268 949 Email: Web: Torre Golf Shopping Center Review

Venecia shopping center

centro venecia

This shopping center has over 50 shops offering all the services, fashion and accessories, food, gym and restaurants. Address: Avenida Costablanca, 21, Playa San Juan, Alicante. Telephone: 966 154 030 Email: Web: Venecia Shopping Center Review

Supera-T, children and adolescent center


Supera-T is a specialist center that address and prevents any difficulties and/or learning disorders, development and behavior in children and adoslescents. Address:  Av. Locutor Vicente Hipólito nº 37, Playa San Juan, Alicante. Telephone: 966 271 776 Web: Email: Hours: Monday to Friday from 16 to 21 care for children and adolescents and their families. Saturdays from 11-13

Novaire, senior housing center

Novaire Condomina

Novaire is a center for the care of the elderly located in Avenida Condomina, Alicante. Address:   Avda. Ansaldo, 2, Playa San Juan, Alicante. Telephone: 965 159 376 Web: Email: More information Novaire Review.

Playa San Juan Cultural center

Centro Comunitario Playas

Cultural Center for children and adults. Avda Costablanca 19 Phone number: 965 264 129 Email: Web: More information: Cultural Center review