Enanos childrens footwear store


    Playa San Juan Footwear stores

    The Enanos Footwear shop  located in the Torre Golf Shopping Center of of Playa San Juan offers footwear with design, quality, style and excellence in all its models of children shoes and recently also adding a line for moms so they can also shop as well. They also have a an accesories section of bags, necklaces, cowboy hats …All th ose things we women love!

    They have lots of variety of footwear for children made with the best materials so they could dress with modern, comfortable, lightweight, anatomical and fun shoes. They deserve the best and ENANOS shoe store has it all! Tradition in customer service and excellence in footwear.

    To make it even more comfortable we can now purchase right from their website without leaving our homes since we already know how uncomfortable it is to sometimes go shopping with the kids.

    More information about the Enanos Shoe shop in our Playa San Juan directory.

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