The best Beach Bars in Playa de San Juan, Alicante

August has arrived, we are in full summer vacation mode in Alicante. Thousands of people visit us every year and enjoy our Playa San Juan. One of the best things about summer is the beach and why not the beach bars. Being able to enjoy the beach, the sun and some beers or a cocktail near the beach is one of the greatest pleasures of the summer holiday in Alicante.

We leave you with some of our favorite Playa San Juan 2017 Beach Bars:


Chiringuito Teatre
Life San Juan
Ayrena Beach
Zona 5 Chiringuito

What are you waiting for? Discover the best beach bars in Playa San Juan, Alicante and enjoy an unforgettable summer with your feet in the sand, and with a fresh beer in your hands, in one of the best areas of Spain for summer.

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