Models casting call for the third edition of Alicante Fashion Week


    Once again Alicante Fashion Week summons a casting call for female and male models. The casting will take place at the Centro Habaneras Comercial Center (Av. Rosa Mazón Valero, 7, 03184 -Torrevieja) on Saturday, April 8th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 16:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    This will be the first of the two phases that the candidates who want to work as models  in the III edition of the most important fashion events of the Spanish Levante area will have to overcome. Candidates who surpass the first casting will be summoned to appear in the second, and last phase, that will take place on Saturday May 20th once again in the Centro Habaneras Comercial Center. In the final casting we will know who the models are for Alicante Fashion Week 2017.

    Those interested will have to register their participation by downloading in their mobile the “CC Habaneras” shopping center free application and accessing the AFW button available in the Home menu and filling in the form enabled for this purpose. The deadline to complete the registration will be from March 9th to April 8th.

    Womens Age: 16 to 32 years old. Height: 1.72 meters. Look: Jeans, white T-shirt and thin heel (not platform), make up base.
    Mens Age: 16 to 32 years old. Height: 1.80 meters. Look: Jeans, white t-shirt and sneaker or sports shoe.

    Important note, underage participants must be accompanied by a legal guardian to be able to perform the casting

    The jury, made up of fashion and design professionals, will be in charge of assessing the candidates with the aim of choosing the best men and women for the second and final phase. The members of the jury will be: members of the Alicante Fashion Week organization, the popular Brazilian blogger based in Alicante, Renata Soares, of the blog, and the designer Zoraida Cases, with a homonymous signature. The jury’s decision will be made public on Tuesday, April 25th through Alicante Fashion Week and Habaneras Comercial Center´s social networks.

    The official Alicante fashion week will celebrate its third edition October 5th through 8th at City of Light headquarters and the Cigarreras Cultural Center. Alicante Fashion Week bets on becoming a new faces launcher with model casting calls. The call is open to independent applicants or presented through an agency. The selected models will have the opportunity to be part of the platform that will offer fashion shows from designers of international recognition.

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