Tabarca, a marine excursion


    A boat trip: Tabarca

    Taking a boat ride to Tabarca  is undoubtedly one of the most original plans to enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of Alicante.

    From the port of Alicante with more or less regular hours depending on the season, different boats will take you to the island with a comfortable ride of about one hour.

    Once on the island, you can enjoy beaches and coves with clear water and a picturesque fishing port, with excellent options, with the possibility to taste the traditional “Caldero”, the typical dish of the island. You can also stroll through the picturesque town center, visit the museum of the island and take a long walk to the lighthouse.  if you want to spend more time, you can stay on the island itself due to the opening of several accommodation facilities in recent years.

    Tabarca is the only inhabited island of Valencia and is located opposite the city of Alicante, and eleven nautical miles off Cape Santa Pola. In fact rather than an island, it is a small archipelago, consisting apart from Tabarca, the islets La Cantera, La Galera and Nao.Posee an approximate length of 1,800 meters and a maximum width of 400 meters!

    We recommend this visit!

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