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    La Academia

    In the Miriam Blasco area of Playa San Juan you will find La Academia, a learning Academy, dedicated to the study and review of all subjects in primary and secondary education. They also offer classes to learn the following languages:

    • English
    • Valencian
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • German
    • Russian
    • Polish


    La Academia en Playa San Juan
    La Academia in Playa San Juan

    The underlying philosophy of this educationa school to offer a personalized education for each type of student. Hence, La Academia is open to students of all ages regardless of their initial training, offering a range of possibilities from primary to university level, through adult education (literacy and new readers) and a wide range of languages very necessary at the present times.

    Also important to note that on their web all students have access to a virtual classroom where they answer questions and review any of the subjects taught there.

    For more information regarding La Academy please visit  our Playa San Juan directory.

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