Yurta Interiorismo

    Yurta Interiorismo

    Furniture and decoration in Playa de San Juan

    Yurta Interiorismo is a furniture shop on the beach of San Juan Alicante, where they have all kinds of colonial  modern, import furniture,… They specialize in all kinds of decor to give your home a unique twist, “because each person is different, why not have different furniture in every room, in every home?”.

    In Yurta Interiorismo they cater to each of their customers and establish direct and permanent contact with the work  to maintain control of deadlines and costs. Analyze your needs for a study of the distribution, materials, equipment and lighting to give final shape to the project and interior design.

    Además, en Yurta Interiorismo ofrecen una amplísima y cuidada colección de muebles y artículos de decoración de diferentes estilos: provenzal, colonial, moderno, vintage, clásico… Y disponen de un showroom físico donde el cliente puede sentir lo que el paisaje y las creaciones aportan a sus sentidos, para aquellos que prefieran el trato directo y un asesoramiento personalizado.

    Furthermore,Yurta Interiorismo offers a wide and careful collection of furniture and decorative items in different styles: Provencal, colonial, modern, vintage, classic … And have a physical showroom where customers can feel the landscape and creations in senses, for those who prefer direct and personal advice.

    More information about Yurta Interiorismo in our La Playa de San Juan business directory.

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